We were in the middle of editing the first in a series of Reg Meuross videos about songwriting, called ‘The Writing Of, when the news of the attacks in London came in yesterday. I froze in my tracks as I listened to Reg in my headphones saying ‘they attack people where they feel safest, in their daily lives’. He was talking about writing the song ‘Dragonfly’ which is essentially a protest song written in response to 9/11 and the subsequent London bombings… and then the news came in about the attacks.
#TimeForASong today has to be ‘Dragonfly’
Silver wings from the blue
Crash and burn, cut in two
Free to fly foreign shores
Free to die for your cause
Born in grief raised in chains
Blind belief fear no pain
Learn to fight learn to hate
Life is war, death is great
The world is your enemy god is your king
And if it’s his will you’ll destroy everything
You show no mercy for innocence
Pity nor shame
Sting dragon, sting
Is your faith so correct
It requires no respect
For the good and the pure
And the wrongs they endure
Those who live and let live
Knowing life is to give?
They’ve a right to belong
Ride the bus sing their song
You crash into satellites
Blood on your wings
You’re jealous of sunlight
And other god’s things
The sun shines for everyone
Peace is a blessing you earn
Burn dragon, burn
‘The Writing Of’ video will be ready soon, but meanwhile have posted one of my favourite live versions of this powerful and (sadly) timely songs here. Reg with The Croutons, Beth Porter and Jess Vincent at Priston Festival 2014.