The Ciderhouse Rebellion are unstoppably creative and their energy continues to evolve outwards in incredibly exciting ways.  As well as their duo tours, and The Haar commitments, Adam and Murray have 3 Ciderhouse projects on the go – Cider With Kirsty, Cider With Molly and Cider With Jessie (formerly known as Words Of A Fiddler’s Daughter).  

The Ciderhouse Rebellion
Magical in-the-moment music from a virtuoso duo.

‘wildly inventive, the duo are like the greatest wandering musicians you’ve ever seen’ – Bristol 24/7 Magazine

Currently recording their fifth (rather dancey) album, The Ciderhouse Rebellion sees master musicians Adam Summerhayes and Murray Grainger combine to produce incredible tapestries of sound.

Their quest is to create music with no conscious thought between conception and playing – always searching for the unexpected and the possibility to create a deep sonic narrative that transports the audience.

Both Adam (violin) and Murray (accordion) are recognised virtuoso musicians in their own right, touring the world as professional artists. Although the pair only started working together in 2020, they have already released 4 celebrated albums, picked up a FATEA award, won Arts Council support, been featured on Folk on Foot, scored a BBC Radio 4 play and played significant festivals across the UK and Europe.

‘Gorgeous stuff’ – BBC Radio 3