“Max ZT & Dan Whitehouse have come together to give us a song which acts like food for the soul. It’s a tender single, a combination of spoken word and soulful harmony. It flows with a soft rush, like autumn air through orange leaves. But it leaves you feeling stronger, together, closer to those around you and somehow closer to those who are far, far away. ‘Ten Steps (Ten Steps)’ holds in its sound the distinct feeling that you can only find in indie music. That feeling of a great risk being taken, that feeling of pushing the boundaries and breaking the norm. This is a song about growth and finding your own path, but it goes so much deeper than that. Through simple techniques used with masterful care, Max ZT & Dan Whitehouse have created an unforgettable single that will live rent-free in my mind forevermore.


‘Ten Steps (Ten Steps)’ builds up its sound through the careful use of pristine layers. Harmonies flow and fall out of the sky, landing on the vocal with grace, building it up for a moment and then they vanish. The pianos and guitars in the back seem to fade in and out as your focus shifts, first from the mids to the percussion and then back to the bass. The world around you spins but stays in focus, the track creating a preternatural clarity through its tones and textures. This single is the indie equivalent of spoken word poetry and I love it. Some people find care and solace in the lyrics of songs and others in the melodies. Here, Max ZT & Dan Whitehouse have paired those two ways of thinking and forged one well-meaning modern classic. It’s a sound that holds itself to no genre, it fills no niche — it is a work of art all its own. Mesmerising.”