PRSD review Reg Meuross’s latest single:

A song about unsung heroes is just one way of addressing a wonky world and putting a bit of history to rights. No doubt that reassessment will prick the ire of some culture warriors. But an honest heralding of the underdog in a straightforward, foot-stomping song is a favourite pastime of the folk scene and Reg Meuross. Reg’s new song The Bevin Boys (Bill Pettinger’s Lament) is a ready reminder of an underrepresented sacrifice of a war-time community.


Reg Meuross released The Bevin Boys (Bill Pettinger’s Lament) on VE Day. It’s a nod to the Boys’ part in the war effort. And a nod to the fact that their contribution to the war effort was not recognised until 1995 (50 years after VE Day) when the Queen mentioned them in a speech, and they were eventually allowed to formally participate in Remembrance Day at The Cenotaph in London.

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