Return of the Panic Brothers! REG MEUROSS & RICHARD MORTON
Panic Brothers Richard Morton & Reg Meuross have washed their tartan trews and are poised, with guitars, sharp wit & their trademark close harmonies, to travel up to Edinburgh Fringe for two nights at George Square Studios 10.30pm on 14th & 15th Aug
ALSO paying a flying visit to Porky The Poet’s Juplicity on 14th & Nicolas Parson’s Happy Hour on 15th – Catch them where you can!
Have a listen here
BIVOUAC from their new CD The Panic Brothers
Touring now: Greys Brighton May 5th; Dublin Castle Camden July 11th; Village Pump Festival July 27th; Edinburgh Fringe – Assembly Rooms 14/15th Aug; George Hotel South Molton Sept 5th; Sheffield Comedy Festival Oct 25th; Walthamstow Folk Club Oct 26th; Shepherds Bush with the Dubious Brothers Nov 14th… more dates coming soon
more info:
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