Panic Brothers Present JOHN HEGLEY
The second in a series of cabaret style evenings of music and comedy at the Bloomsbury Theatre.
The Panic Brothers are musician & stand up comedian Richard Morton and singer songwriter Reg Meuross: two men, two guitars, two mics & two voices that blend so well it’s hard to tell which is which. It’s rare to find a pair who work so well together in every way – writing, music, vocal, and a captivating on-stage chemistry.
The Panic Brothers’ heady heyday was in the 1980’s where the fast paced, close harmony, high energy duo were tagged ‘comedy Everly Brothers’ with what Robin Denselow of the Guardian described as “spine-chilling harmonies”.
The pair have reunited, after a break of 25 years, and are teaming up with some of their most talented friends from the business for a series of 80s style cabaret evenings of music and comedy. They have lost none of the tight musical and lyrical edge which established them as a formidable live act, first on the London pub circuit and then leading to five years of successful touring and TV work, with appearances at Edinburgh, Glastonbury, Sidmouth and most of the major British Festivals and also the comedy circuit.
Each foot stomping, side splitting Panic Brothers Presents show kicks off with the legendary Panic Brothers’ high energy, punchy “combination of sharp,witty songs, tight harmonies and powerful acoustic guitars” [Time Out] and each features a very special guest in the second half. This, the second in the series, presents the brilliant, highly talented and inimitable poet, musician and comedian John Hegley.
John and the Panics are old friends from the 80’s London comedy circuit, where John was king, and a big influence on them.
The show will also include a performance from Oscar-nominated songwriter, award winning radio jingle writer, stand up comedian, sit down tragedian, golden voiced angel, dirty minded devil… Ronnie Golden.
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Panic Brothers – past & present:
” Witty songs and melodic punch from the Panics make their particular brand of musical satire easy for anyone to relate to”, Simon Jones (Folk Roots, September ’87)
“Sweet Everly Brothers harmonies, so impeccably spot on they bring a smile to your face”, Kris Kirk (Melody Maker)
“Excellent snappy songs,booming acoustic guitars and perfect harmonies are the Panic’s trademarks”, Andy White (Music Week)