“Our mentoring sessions with Katie Whitehouse in the run up to our EP release (Shoulder) on April 1st 2022 have been really useful for thinking about how we take our project out into the world and introduce people to our work. 

Katie has helped us focus our ideas, and give our project a much clearer direction. She worked with us to distill and understand the core elements of our work, and find the right language for us to write about it and talk about it. She has also given us a structure and network to help us share our project and grow our following as we move forwards in the folk music scene. 

Katie’s style is friendly and relaxed, but also detailed and focused. We felt like she really took the time to understand our project, and how to help it land in the right way and find an audience. We both really enjoyed our time with Katie, and feel much wiser and better prepared as a result of our short time together. We would highly recommend Katie Whitehouse to any artists who need a little bit of guidance or support with their work.”  

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