Really lovely photos – worth flicking through – thank you Dave Sutherland. “A masterclass in the art of the troubadour,” says Dave Sutherland of Reg Meuross at Priston Festival this year. “Great songs and stories, perfectly performed, and even in the event of the PA breaking down, he took one step forward, then played and sang a little louder . . .the show must go on., and it did.” This is what it’s like working with a true professional, and a master of his craft. He barely bats an eyelid when others would flounder, in fact he probably turns it into something more magical. It’s a privilege. Go and see the man in action. Dates being added regularly:
Reg Happy Priston 2017 Dave Sutherland colour
Reg Priston 2017 Dave Sutherland tea
PA breaks down and Reg just steps forward Priston Dave Sutherland