Climate change, animal welfare, our rights to access nature, empathising more fully with displaced peoples, mental health, the state of our rivers, rewilding.  And what’s this got to do with music?  We tend to think in linear, blocky, compartmentalised ways, don’t we?  But life isn’t like that.  It’s complex, things overlap, it’s messy, most of it is beyond our control.  It’s beyond words. Yet we need words. We need to grasp the essence of what this life is about, we need to find meaning and purpose.  We need to do this before it’s too late.

Freedom To Roam, live, is a documentary followed by live music enhanced by incredible slow-moving visuals.  The documentary is beautifully shot, sensitively directed and works as a catalyst to see things differently – whether that be as a human in relation to animals, the natural world, each other and oneself. It is, in part, about waking up.  It’s also incredibly helpful in guiding us to face some of the tough issues within our zeitgeist.


9th May Cecil Sharp House London  

11th May The Met Bury  

12th May Mwaldan, Cardigan  

13th May theatrbrycheiniog Brecon     


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