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Ssshh – quiet is the new loud!
This multi-award-winning singer-songwriter makes her first visit to Worcestershire on Saturday May 16th at The Alehouse, Colwall.
Although best known for her song Pilot of the Airwaves – a worldwide hit still played regularly on Radio 2 – Charlie’s more recent albums explore her acoustic folk-roots background and her new album Milk Roulette, which has won 4 star reviews across the board proves again that this is where her heart truly lies.
Ken Appleby, who runs Pindrop Events was tipped off about Charlie by Mo Foster, ace bass player who played in Gerry Rafferty’s band with Charlie’s long-time collaborator Julian Littman. Mo played a memorable gig at The Alehouse recently and suggested Charlie’s music would suit the intimate atmosphere of the venue.
Music at the Alehouse, while not strictly unplugged, is the antithesis to some eardrum-bursting gigs that Charlie has found herself playing recently. Only last November they played at a beautiful Somerset town hall whose PA system had seen better days and Charlie recalls, ‘The volume was deafening for our first song – way too loud, then suddenly there was a huge BANG and we had no power at all, so we climbed down into the auditorium and played the whole gig unplugged amongst the audience. It was one of the best gigs we’ve ever done.
We also got rained off at an outdoor fund raiser and it was getting dangerous with so much water and electricity, so we de-camped and played the 2nd set inside an infants school, completely unplugged. It was brilliant – like doing a gig in a theme park amidst all these miniature chairs! One of the most enjoyable afternoons of the tour. I love playing acoustically and that really suits my music – so, although we’ll have mics at the Alehouse, we’ll use the natural volume of the room too – and that way people can hear the words too, which is really important.’
The show, with muti-instrumentalist Julian Littman of Steeleye Span and 5-string double-bass player Gareth Huw Davies promises a night of eclectic, contemporary folk as the trio swap guitars, piano, mandolin, harmonium, autoharp & ukulele plus a fresh take on her iconic hit ‘Pilot of the Airwaves’.
‘A gift for melody, brave, poignant, entertaining, original ‘ Guardian ★★★★
‘Beatific of voice, fragrant of melody and lyrically fearless’ MOJO ★★★★
‘Charlie Dore has made the album of her life’ – Ricky Ross.
The Alehouse, Mill Lane, Colwall, WR13 6HJ Tickets here – Early booking advised BOOK HERE