So interesting and inspiring to hear Charlie Dore chat with Mark Carter on BBC Radio Surrey/Sussex about how her career as an actor changed direction when she was signed by Island Records, and how her music evolved from being ‘so country I wouldn’t even tolerate drums’, through a rootsy rocky route and plenty of record company politics to the exquisite songs she writes today, for herself and for others. Charlie talks about her involvement in writing hits for Jimmy Nail ‘Ain’t No Doubt’, and her most recent album ‘Milk Roulette’ (she explains the story behind the title track) and how the album turned out a lot more personal than she expected. She also tells how George Harrison doing a secret cover of her song Fear Of Flying.
You can catch Charlie live, and hear her own take on her songs at the Boileroom Guildford Weds 27 Jan. Kris Halpin will open the night. TICKETS HERE
30 mins in (-1:30) LISTEN HERE