This is a live version of Harbottle & Jonas’s new single ‘Black is The Colour’, released on 15.01.21 – the second track to spark from the forthcoming album ‘The Beacon’.

Filmed in Falmouth by John Gray Harbottle and Jonas Trio: David Harbottle, Freya Jonas and Annie Baylis.


The Beacon itself is Ugborough Beacon, an ancient site that looms over South Brent, the Dartmoor village that David and Freya call home. A home to which they hurriedly returned from a cancelled tour of Germany, rushing to make it back in time to enter lockdown in March.

Escaping the monotony by walking the moor, connecting with their fanbase via streamed concerts and their ‘Saving the Good Stuff’ Facebook video series (with 300,000 views and counting), and collecting and writing new material, the enforced period of calm after eighteen months touring 2019’s album ‘The Sea is my Brother’ was, in their own words:

“a journey of discovery, that has taught us the importance of love, compassion and empathy, whilst discovering the needs and delights of our inner creature.”

Written and recorded at home during the lockdown of 2020, and featuring collaborator Annie Baylis on violin, viola and backing vocals, The Beacon is a collection of songs inspired by the difficult circumstances we all faced during 2020, but it also questions what fire of intent might be lit so that our future paths can be more clear.

With a focus on hope & hearth, nature & nurture, The Beacon’s sound is both intimate and full of wide-eyed joy at the world around us, and as we move into 2021 with the future still uncertain, it reminds us to remain humble in the face of nature, to find comfort in the warmth of home, and stands as a signal of hope that we will once again experience the joy of communion through music, and sing together once more.