Three beautiful Reg Meuross & Jess Vincent songs to help young homeless through the Amber Foundation this Christmas.
You can listen to snippets of the three songs here:
This week Reg Meuross and Jess Vincent, two extraordinary singer songwriters, are donating 3 special Christmas songs to anyone who will join them in supporting young homeless and unemployed people, through the great work of at the Amber Foundation Residential Centres. Disadvantaged young people who are homeless, have misused drugs or alcohol, been involved in crime or are ex-offenders are helped to gain motivation, confidence and skills to get a job and accommodation and to be able to keep them. 100% of money given will go to the Amber Foundation Here is the link for donations and as soon as you donate, you will be sent the three Christmas songs
Reg Meuross, based in Somerset says: “Imagine no Christmas wine, no Christmas dinner, no family, no friends, no presents, no tree, no heat, no love, no parties no songs and worst of all, no warm place to sleep or wake on Christmas morning. Jess Vincent, Marcel Rose and me have made these songs hoping we can encourage you to support the Amber Foundation and so help young homeless people.”
The charity The Amber Foundation was chosen by Jess Vincent because one of their centres is in Trowbridge, which is very close to her home town. “My song, Christmas Day, is about missing someone special at Christmas, many people feel the strain more than usual of loved ones lost at Christmas, especially when in my case, this was of the most important and happiest days of the year for her. I chose Amber Foundation because its an amazing local scheme to me which sets up the next steps for young people who haven’t been given the best start by a long shot. I hear all the time how the hardest step is joining everyone else, leaving the past behind and building a solid foundation for your life, with jobs and families and friends. Amber does all these things to ensure young poeple get the best possible help, and this is all the more important when we are sitting in our warm house with our families and presents on Christmas day, aware that many people don’t have any of these luxuries, let alone a roof over their heads on a day that is supposed to bring everyone together and spread good will and cheer. Please be generous, and I hope you will enjoy our songs”
Spread the word #AWhitehouseChristmas