Geoff Lakeman has recorded Reg Meuross’ song England Green & England Grey on his brilliant debut album ‘After All These Years’ with a very special guest appearance by the legendary Nic Jones. This is proper living, breathing, strong heart beating folk music. The whole album is gorgeous, beautifully recorded & deeply rooted in the folk tradition, with some excellent performances from all Geoff’s guests and very illustrious family. Highly recommended.
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Geoff says “I’ve seen Reg live a few times and always been attracted to his strong lyrics and subject matter. There’s always a message as well as a narrative to his songs- and beautifully constructed musically with melodic hooks. I’m surprised he’s not more widely recognised in the UK and beyond – he’s a true singer-songwriter which many people strive to be but never quite achieve.They could do well to listen or go see Reg.”