On St George’s Day, and with a general election 2 weeks today, I can’t think of a more relevant song to sing and to reflect upon: England Green & England Grey – Reg Meuross www.regmeuross.com
Folk Radio UK (Mike Davies): England Green & England Grey “sets the grey of factory closures, corporate greed and the dismantling of the NHS against the green of our cultural folk tradition embodied in names such as John Bull, Cecil Sharp and Lennon and McCartney, concluding that for all its problems ‘there is none so sweet as England’. http://www.folkradio.co.uk/2014/09/reg-meuross-england-green-england-grey/
FolkWords: “With ‘England Green & England Grey’… there remains the accustomed perception and unnerving fearlessness to examine the minutiae and bring it to the surface. There are no obscure touch-line observations but out-on-the-pitch, down and dirty in the mud empathy. It’s easy to identify with these songs because they strike where we live, some with acid-sharp observations that hit harder than expected… An eternally English folk song, and a sad indictment of a nation losing or forgetting its cultural heritage, but laced with a tinge of faith. If ever there was a song to make us want to fight for ‘what’s right’ then this is the one.” http://www.folkwords.com/folkwordsreviews_91902.html
Radio Warwickshire: “Reg Meuross effectively argues not only for socialism, but for a political system where dignity is held dear and considered precious, in which we acknowledge the sacrifices made by others in the name of justice, in which the government and the people share resources as a society, and in which we live, not just on the Earth, but with it.” http://radiowarwickshire.com/reg-meuross/