Eliza Marshall

World-touring flautist and creative pioneer.

‘The fabulous flute of Eliza Marshall’ – Peter Gabriel

Eliza Marshall is a hugely accomplished flautist working with some of the biggest names in global music. Peter Gabriel, First Aid Kit, Florence & The Machine and The White Stripes are amongst those with whom she has recorded or toured.

As a solo artist, Eliza continues to wow her audiences with spellbinding performances fusing rhythm, melody and poetry with multiple layers of sound – playing a huge assortment of instruments including western flutes, Indian bansuri and Northumbrian small pipes.

We are Eliza’s funding and creative managers and have secured grants for her solo work from Art Council England’s Develop Your Creative Potential and PRS Women Make Music. 

‘The other-worldly sound of Eliza’s bansuri is warmly engaging, yet at the same time deeply mysterious’ – Joby Talbot

Festivals played: Nest Collective, Montelago Celtic.
Social media followers: 5.5k. Spotify streams: 250k