Charlie Dore

Charlie Dore

Lauded singer-songwriter of world-famous hits.

“Brave, poignant, entertaining, original” The Guardian ★★★★

Charlie Dore’s songs have been recorded by the good and the great, including George Harrison, Tina Turner, Celine Dion and Jimmy Nail, but her live shows reveal that actually she keeps the best songs for herself.

As one of the UK’s most respected songwriters – creating what is best described as eclectic, contemporary folk with crunchy lyrics, Charlie has played at numerous festivals including Glastonbury, Celtic Connections, Shrewsbury Folk, Beverley, Ventnor and many more.

For her 10th and most recent album Like Animals, she turns away from the expansive science and space metaphors of 2017’s Dark Matter to focus on the internal landscape of the human brain and just what makes us tick. Sewn-through with Dore’s trademark dark wit, lyricism, and distinctive melodic voice, Like Animals explores some of our most basic instincts and how we’re often hi-jacked by our emotional responses. Fear, anxiety and aggression figure but on the plus side, intense joy and love are in the mix as well. In 2021 Charlie also released her EP, The Man Who Built Christmas, on the basis that a good song isn’t just for Christmas.

Charlie’s recent awards include Female Vocalist Of The Year (FATEA, 2020) and Best Lyrics (US Indie Acoustic, 2021) whilst her tours continue to reach new and enthusiastic audiences.

“This sublime album…earnest and witty, tender and cynical all at the same time… profound, moving and oddly haunting.”
RnR Magazine

“Subtle songs that pack a punch… absolute gems of modern songwriting”
Mike Harding

“Reaffirms her place as one of our most intelligent and erudite singer-songwriters”
Fatea Magazine

Festivals played: Glastonbury, Celtic Connections, Shrewsbury Folk, Beverley, Ventnor.

Spotify streams: 2m. Social media followers: 3.5k. BandsInTown: 1.7k. National/International awards won: 11.