| January 1, 2019

Charlie Dore tours solo, and with Julian Littman (Steeleye Span)

Charlie Dore met Julian Littman when she was 16 years old. The pair were training to be actors, but music was never far from the agenda and they started playing in folk clubs and pubs whenever they could. Several decades later, it’s easy to see why Charlie calls Julian her honorary brother as the vibe onstage has a natural, sparky, off-the-cuff energy to it.

Charlie, along with multi-instrumentalist Julian Littman from Steeleye Span, will be bringing brand new release, Dark Matter, for a stunning evening of original songs including a fresh take on her iconic hit ‘Pilot of the Airwaves’.

As well as playing songs from the new album, Charlie, along with multi-instrumentalist Julian Littman from Steeleye Span will dip into previous album Milk Roulette, followed perhaps by a couple from 2011’s award-winning Cheapskate Lullabyes, their version of Charlie’s first ever single, Fear of Flying (covered by George Harrison). This will be a night of eclectic, contemporary folk as the pair swap guitars, piano, mandolin, harmonium, & ukulele.

The new album, Dark Matter promises a cocktail of the metaphysical and the miniature, big themes and tiny dramas both sad and funny, served in a beautiful but cracked glass. With titles like 2000 Hour Light Bulb, Fifteen Minutes with Danny Kaye and Personal Hell, Charlie raids the instrument cupboard and shines an eclectic light on some of her darkest material yet.

Dark Matter has already started picking up some head-swellingly great reviews:

“Dark Matter…an amazingly astute, moving, intelligent and connected songwriter…a voice like Kate McGarrigle meets Dory Previn. Wonderful ” Mike Harding
“Beautiful, existential, metaphysical and intruigingly other. Zen folk I want to call it…No one else makes albums like this. Charlie Dore’s ‘Time Out of Mind’ “ Ricky Ross, BBC Scotland
“She’s the real deal…wondering where she gets inspiration for her lyrics. Rarely heard any so clever.” Fatea

Looking Like My Mother, Acting Like My Dad

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